Drum Mill TM 300 XL

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The TM 300 XL Drum Mill is used for the preparation of granules and powders. The grinding process is performed either in dry or wet conditions. The drum mill can be operated either as a Ball or as a Rod Mill by using the corresponding module. A sufficient number of balls or rods is required for an effective grinding process. Typically, a final fineness below 20 microns is obtained.

The drum mill consists of a gear motor mounted on a solid steel frame complete with outlet funnel and a set of separation screens plus sample collector. The TM 300 XL features a yoke and locking mechanism for easy access to the sample. The drum cover is easily removed for cleaning thanks to a quick release locking mechanism.

Adjustment of grinding parameters:
Parameters like grinding time or start and stop are set conveniently via the display. The following factors have an influence on the final particle size: Sample characteristics, maximum feed size and capacity. We will gladly support you in working out the most suitable configuration for your specific application.


semi-precious stones, 고령토 (kaolin), 광물, 광석, 금속 산화물, 담배, 머리카락, 목탄, 벤토나이트, 뼈, 석고, 석탄, 석회암, 섬유, 섬유소, 세멘트클링크, 수산화 인회석 (hydroxyapatite), 수정, 슬래그, 식물 재료, 씨앗, 안료, 오수 침전물, 요업제품, 우드, 웨이스트 샘플, 유리, 점토 광물, 조직
, 종이, 철광석, 촉매, 코크스, 콘크리트, 탄소 섬유, 페인트와 라커, 폐전자제품, 폴리머, 합금, 혼합비료, 화학제재, 흙, ...


  • powerful and quick grinding of large quantities
  • suitable for dry and wet grinding
  • variable speed, reproducible results
  • suitable for long-term operations
  • ball mill and rod mill modules available
  • easy tilt to empty the grinding jar
  • solid steel frame
  • removable sample collector
  • convenient parameter setting via display
  • standard sizes of grinding drums from 5 to 43.4 l
  • separation grid to separate sample from grinding balls (only for Ball Mill)
  • funnel with handles
  • guide rail allows for ergonomic removal of drum
  • grinding jar with gasket for lossfree operation
  • solid noise-protection hood
  • emergency switch


응용 분야 분쇄, 혼합
응용분야 농업, 생물학, 화학, 건축 재료, 엔지니어링 / 전자 공학, 환경 / 재활용, 지질학 / 야금, 유리 / 세라믹, 의학 / 제약
투입 시료 부드러운, 단단한, 취성의, 섬유성 - 건식 또는 습식
크기 축소 원리 마찰
최대 투입 크기* < 20 mm
최종 분말 입도* < 20 µm
시료 일괄 처리량* 최소 1 l / 최대 20 l
회전 속도 15 - 80 min-1
분쇄조 수 1
분쇄 도구 재질 경화 스틸
분쇄 드럼 사이즈 5 l / 10 l / 21.7 l / 43.3 l
분쇄 시간 설정 디지털
구동 주파수 변환기를 가진 3상 비동기식 모터
구동 전력 0.75 kW
전원 공급 데이터 다른 전압
전원 연결 단상
안전 보호 코드 IP 50
소비 전력 ~ 750 W (VA)
폭 x 높이 x 깊이 닫혔을 때 1500 x 1200 x 700 mm
중량 ~ 295 kg
표준 CE

*투입 재료와 장비 환경, 설정에 따라

작동 원리

In a drum mill the sample (usually pre-crushed material) is placed inside the drum with the grinding media (grinding balls or rods) and subjected to external forces. The Ball Mill and Rod Mill Modules are used for fine grinding of solid matter by impact and friction, in wet or dry condition. The drum, which contains the sample and grinding balls or rods, rotates around a horizontal axis. Whereas particles break more easily when larger grinding ball resp. rod diameters are used, smaller diameters lead to a substantially higher final fineness.

The motor of the drum mill incorporates a solid-state controller with internal overload protection which is used to set and accurately control different drum speeds.

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