Rotating Sample Divider PT 600 XL

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A faultless and comparable analysis is closely linked to accurate sample handling.
Only a sample representative of the initial material can provide meaningful analysis results. Rotating sample dividers ensure the representativeness of a sample and thus the reproducibility of the analysis.

The rotating sample divider PT 600 XL is specially designed for representative, dust-free division and volume reduction of large amounts of powdered or granular bulk materials. The selection of different dividing modules determines the dividing ratio and the sample amount.


시멘트 클링커, 화학 제품, 커피, 건축 재료, 비료, 충전재, 밀가루, 곡물, 금속 가루, 광물, 견과류, 모래, 종자, 토양, 세척제........


  • exact dividing, also of larger quantities
  • modular design
  • variable speed 18 - 53 min-1
  • extraction of 6 - 10 samples for batch processing
  • extraction of 1 sample for continuous processing with reject
  • vibratory feeder with push-fit feed chute for easy cleaning


응용 분야 샘플링, 시료 분할, 시료 축분
응용분야 농업, 생물, 화학 / 플라스틱, 건축 재료, 엔지니어링 / 전자, 환경 / 재활용, 식품, 지질 / 야금, 유리 / 세라믹, 의학 / 제약
투입 시료 대용량
투입시료 크기* ≤ 20 mm
로터리 속도 18 - 53 min-1
분할 수 일괄 처리 과정: 6 / 8 / 10 (분배 모듈에 따라)
processing with reject: 1
시간 설정 디지털
배출량 70 l
부분별 볼륨 6,000 ml / 7,500 m l / 10,000 ml (분배 모듈에 따라)
진동 투입기 조절 디지털
전원 공급 데이터 240 V, 50 Hz
전원 연결 단상
폭 x 높이 x 깊이 1180 x1620 x 750 mm
중량 ~ 230 kg (진동 투입기 포함)
표준 CE

*투입 재료와 장비 환경, 설정에 따라

작동 원리

The sample is fed as a continuous stream at a controlled rate via the chute. Either one part sample is extracted or the stream is divided into equal segments by the action of a “circle” of segmental buckets rotating beneath it. The unit operates in accordance with internationally recognized sampling protocols and divides samples in a representative and reproducible way.

Two modules in one machine allow for both batch-processing and continuous sampling with reject. Due to a range of various segment size combinations a variety of volumes can be divided (no additional machine needed).

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