Reproducible Sieving in the Shortest Possible Time

Despite the rapid development of modern optical particle measuring techniques, classical sieving analysis is still at the forefront for the practical quality assurance of bulk goods.

In addition, sieving results are often used as the basis for comparison with other measuring techniques. Above all, a quickly available particle size determination result is required for the quality assessment of bulk goods during production processes. In order to ensure proper production monitoring, it is frequently quite sufficient to determine a trend.
Standardized and reproducible working instruments are required in order to ensure the reliability of the results and to reduce the required working time to the absolute minimum (...)

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Verder Scientific - Science for Solids

The Scientific Division of the family owned VERDER Group sets standards in high-tech equipment for quality control, research and development of solid matter. The fields of activity cover sample preparation of solids as well as analyzing technologies.

Our well-known brands have served research institutions, analytical laboratories as well as manufacturing companies in quality control and process applications for many decades with ever more sophisticated and reliable products which offer the solution to their individual task.


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