Flotation Tester FT 100 XL

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Flotation Tester FT 100 XL

  (please order flotation cell separately)
71.001.0002 FT 100 XL, 모든전원가능, for Flotation cells from 0.5 l up to 5 l
  다른 전기 버전 이용가능
  Flotation cells
23.045.0002 Flotation cell, 0.5 litres
23.045.0009 Flotation cell, 1.0 litres
23.045.0003 Flotation cell, 1.75 litres
23.045.0010 Flotation cell, 2.0 litres
23.045.0011 Flotation cell, 3.0 litres
23.045.0004 Flotation cell, 3.5 리터
23.045.0005 Flotation cell, 5.0 litres

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